Sir William of the Leaf is the anonym of William Dietz. His formal tea education through the Specialty Tea Institute (USA) began when he was 15 and by age 17, he became the youngest Certified Tea Specialist in North America. He also obtained his barista certification from the Specialty Coffee Association of Europe at the Bettr Barista Academy in Singapore. His entrance into the beverage industry began when he purchased a student-run business in his second year at university then quickly became an integral member of a budding micro-roasting operation turned brick-and-mortar coffee shop. His passion for flavor has taken him to many parts of North America, Europe, Asia and Africa where he has studied how beverages and food are integral to the culture of the region. He has apprenticed with leading tea industry professionals to fine-tune his palate, tea blending acumen, ability to identify key market trends and navigate the global tea industry. He is wholly devoted to the craft, evidenced through continuous trips to tea origins, collaborations with tea enthusiasts and a never-ending desire to learn from anyone he crosses paths with. Currently he is the lead Tea Development Specialist at DAVIDsTEA, working on research and development of innovative tea blends.