Can Tea Replace Soda?

Its no surprise that consumers are looking for alternatives for the sweetly saturated sodas of the past, but what is going to replace that in their every day lives?

For most of the world's beverage consuming humans, tea has been the top pick and most preferred drink. But why has the US craved soda over most other liquid pleasures? Fortunately for the tea companies and tea advocates in the states, that trend is declining, according to Beverage Daily. It is up to the tea industry as a whole to market tea as the new beverage of choice. There are some factors mentioned in the report that will make this task quite simple.

1. Consumers leaning towards healthy options

Tea obviously fits into this category and the health benefits have been leveraged in marketing in the recent past. If this trend continues, tea will be able to rise to true beverage stardom!

2. Consumers will start to crave less sweet beverages 

Tea has no sugar unless added, but can have inherently sweet flavor characteristics that are gained through certain processing techniques. Drinking a grassy green tea is much different than drinking a roasted TieGuanYin oolong, where the dominant flavors are brown, sweet, caramelized notes that people associate more with sweet flavors. Tea companies should take advantage of this by streamlining their offerings to focus on teas in this category. Strongly flavored teas would also be a part of this, as fruit flavoring often gives teas a natural sweetness as well. While its true that consumers want less sweet drinks, it is not true that they are willing to move to naturally bitter products right away.

3. Consumers want to see transparency in the products they purchase

Tea is a product well suited for being totally transparent. It is an agricultural product and it would be simple for a company to label its origins. Consumers want to know where their money is going and what flavors they can identify with countries. The more one knows, the more one buys.