The Informal Tea Ceremony

The ceremonies for tea around the globe are vast. They range from the highly choreographed GongFu ceremony from China, to the serene simplicity of Chanoyu from Japan. Throughout my travels, encounters and many tea sessions, I've learned that for as beautiful as these ceremonies are, tea can be presented in a most casual manner among great company, and it takes on a ceremonial quality of its own.

One of the most important lessons I learned while backpacking in Taiwan was that it is not the quality of the tea, the verbal communication, or the physical setting that gives tea its unique way for cultures to connect.

What I learned was that it is the generosity, the warmth and the genuine attitudes that tea seems to elevate in people that makes it special. Some of the most treasured moments I had in Taiwan were over tea, but not the best quality tea, not in the most beautiful setting, and sometimes we didn't even understand the conversation.

The video below is a perfect representation of the raw and sometimes rugged beauty of tea that draws people together from all the corners of the globe and makes human connection a little easier.