Beverage Artisans

"Art" seems to be associated with photography, design, painting, music and other similar things. Does anyone associate coffee with art? Soda with art? Milk with art?

An "artisan" is a worker in a skilled trade, especially one that involves making things by hand. Artisans are pictured with rough hands, constant dedication to improving their skills and in the process, they produce some of the finest products available.

There are beverage artisans in this world. They may be bringing out the best in a high mountain coffee, or finding the perfect mix for a natural, energy drink. Beverages have shaped the history of humanity and have made a name for themselves in every era and change throughout mankind's existence. From Lu Yu's writings on primitive tea, to John Pemberton's first sip of Coca-Cola, beverages help to identify and connect cultures in a mysterious way.

My goal is to be a catalyst for cultural connection through the use of a cup.